Corrina Corrina

Gratitude: We had a long lunch break today so a bunch of us went to Florencia Beach.  I was really grateful:

A)  To be at a beach

B)  The beach was not very windy and it actually felt warm!

C)  To be able to just lie in the sand like a vegetable

Yoga: We did a THREE HOUR Class today!!!  We killed it.  We did what Eoin likes to call Yogis of the Roundtable.  Each person was responsible for teaching a portion of a yoga class so we went around and taught every possible sequence for three hours.  Needless to say my butt is impossibly sore and tight, yet flexible all at the same time.  It’s a paradox really.

Meditation:  Today was a wee bit emotional.  Part of our meditation involved thinking about and honouring people we have lost and getting in tune with the sorrow and grief there.  Coming to this Yoga teacher training I didn’t expect to really have to think about my mom’s death too much, but sure enough…it clearly came up.  She died of cancer a few years ago and it’s been quite the trek getting out of the rut of mourning.  The trip out of grief was a long and difficult one. Losing anyone close to you is difficult, losing someone like my mother was impossible to bear.  She was so special and spunky.  Charismatic to the max and passionate about everything.  She taught me how to sew, to be an environmentalist, and in general how to kick butt.  One of our favourite movies was Corrina Corrina.  If you haven’t seen it, basically it’s set in the 50s or 60s, and is about a little girl whose mom dies and Whoopi Goldberg (Corrina) becomes her new black nanny.  They share a special bond and well, I won’t ruin the rest but in the movie they sing This Little Light of Mine.  It’s a pretty tender moment and because of this movie, this song means a lot to my mom and my sister and I.

Sure enough, at the end of an already emotional meditation on sorrow and the loss of loved ones, we end up in a big circle singing This Little Light of Mine.  Everyone was clapping and dancing and having such a wonderful time.  It blew my mind to see how some people can associate something with sheer joy while another associates it with puddles of tears.

Food Awareness: I broke free from my detox today.  Really wasn’t supposed to as it’s a 14 day detox and today is day 9, maybe ten actually?  I don’t know…I’m on “island time”…hard to keep track right now.  Either way, it was glorious!  I had a burrito from Tacofino which was pure heaven.   For dinner I had my butternut squash sautee from the other night and my non detox food consisted mostly of Wine and corn chips and salsa.   I of course, had a slice of Canadian cheddar cheese which was amazing.  So, overall not a perfect pranameter rating today but I felt wonderful anyway!

Nature Appreciation:  STARS.  It took me over a week to notice them!  Usually I’ve been indoors at night time… but WOW.  There are SO MANY.  They’re so beautiful and so abundant.  I can see maybe…five stars back home?  My mother and I used to camp out in our backyard and stargaze for hours when I was little; before they polluted our street with streetlights.  It really took my breath away to see a night sky filled with so many bright and beautiful constellations.


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