Almost near the end….insert sad face here.

Gratitude: We had such amazing energy in the group today.  It really feels like we’re family.  I’m so grateful to be part of such a wonderful group.  Jokes were thrown throughout the entire practice.  Such a wonderful day.

Yoga: We did three yoga classes today. Two 50-minute ones, and another that was at least an hour long.  We got together in partners again and taught each other a practice..about 50 minutes long each.  Then Eoin did a long routine with us so we could get a feel of how the flow should feel which was really helpful.  We solidified technique this afternoon and tomorrow is our exam!  Can’t believe this experience is almost over!

Meditation: Sadly enough today I literally meditated about eggs, sunny side up, and sausages.  Can you tell I’m on an elimination diet?  Umm yeah.

Food Awareness:  Had a breakfast smoothie again this morning.  There are other breakfast options on the detox diet, but because I tend to try to sleep in as much as humanly possible before going to class, smoothies are the quickest option for me.  I had salmon and sesame stir-fry again today for dinner and made some root fries as a snack.

Nature Appreciation: Collected a ton of seashells today at the beach during my lunch break with my friends.  Weirdly enough so many of us went to the same part of one random beach.  So we all hung out together and had an awesome time.


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