Chaturanga City

Gratitude: Super grateful for Traumeel.  I was initiated into the surfing world by the Pacific Ocean yesterday when the waves knocked me over and made my surf board go flying which then banged me on my thigh.  Here is the wonderful bruise that developed as a result:  Also grateful that this bruise is on my thigh and not on my face.  Ouch, just thinking of that makes me feel additional pain.

Yoga: Well, well, today was another amazing day.  It rained pretty much all day, so the sky was pretty grey and dreary which meant we were all kind of low on energy.  That did not stop Eoin from making us do approximately 500 chaturanga’s today….if you’re not familiar with what these are, they’re like push-ups but with your elbows glued to your sides.  I have never sweat so much in a yoga class that wasn’t in a heated studio.  We had the doors and windows open and that had no effect on my downpour of sweat onto my mat.  I was feeling pretty sore from yesterday’s surfing, so I’m really interested to see how my body is going to feel tomorrow…

Meditation:  We had a great savasana in which Eoin had us go around and adjust people while in savasana with the sole intention of making them more comfortable, more relaxed, and at ease.  Throughout the process you lie down and then other people get up and adjust you.  I had an amazing time but almost had more fun adjusting other people than when others did it to me.

Food Awareness: The temptation to cheat on the detox diet today was SO HIGH.  I didn’t cave, but came very close.  I would have offered up an organ, or my future first born child, for a piece of chocolate or even some bread today.  I broiled some wild pacific salmon and made a sesame stir-fry for dinner.  It was delicious and very filling.  Definitely a 10 on the prana-meter.

Nature Appreciation: The rain was nice.  Unlike in Toronto where I sometimes feel like I’m getting beaten up by water drops, the rain here today was very gentle.  I mean… don’t get me wrong, I still got soaked, but at least it didn’t feel so aggressive!


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