Follow your BLISS


1) Was feeling particularly in pain today for… umm… feminine reasons… and so many of my awesome fellow yogi friends have come by and nurtured me to joy.  The number of back rubs and love I’ve received today has been overwhelming.

2) We had stellar day today.  Only had half a yoga class and spent the rest of the day at Chesterman Beach in Tofino.  I got a surfing lesson and had a blast.  WHAT A WORKOUT.  My entire body is gonna feel that one tomorrow.  Wow.  I also wiped out from a wave that formed literally in front of my face when I wasn’t expecting it.  It knocked me under and had my board flying and somehow in the process it dinged me on my thigh and now I have a massive bruise forming.  Will be applying all my naturopathic goodies on that one to keep the bruising to a minimum, though it already spans about as wide as my thigh is.

3) We watched The Power of Myth which is a series of PBS interviews with Joseph Campbell.  If you know who this is, you’ll probably know him for his work in comparative mythology and comparative religion.  His philosophy is simply: Follow your bliss.  Watching this and talking with the group afterwards I just have to express how grateful I am that all my life I precisely have done that when it matters most.  Somehow I’ve been able to recognize the paths I need to take when forks in the road present themselves in my life.  It’s this ability that led me to Naturopathic Medicine, and also to ….well here! Ucluelet!  Becoming a yoga instructor.  I’m truly grateful to be living a life of true happiness, going to school to learn a type of medicine that is fully in line with the way I believe healing should take place, learning to teach yoga from an Instructor who has the same life missions I do, and recognizing how much I am loved by everyone in my life.

Yoga: Yoga today was a major mind struggle.  I was in a wee bit of pain and today was when we were doing all our core work.  I’m sure all females can empathize with the total desire I had to just lie down on my mat and curl up in a ball instead of holding myself in a low plank pose with one foot on the ground while the other moves around to work my core.  Yeahhh….  I was constantly fighting with the dilemma of:  But my body seems to be weak and debilitated…do I push through and do the yoga anyway and get energy from the practice itself?  Or do I listen to my body and take it easy?  I opted to do what I could and rest when I needed.  I figured that’s what I would tell any student in my class, so the same should apply to me!

Meditation: Today we had savasana in a group circle where we basically all lied on top of each other some how. My thighs provided good head support for many individuals.  It was interesting laying so close to people while trying to meditate.  I didn’t really transcend anywhere, but I did get really in tune with everyone else’s bodies.  Where people were holding tension, people’s pulses, people’s breathing.  My pulse, my breathing.  It was overall very relaxing and cool to experience something totally different.

Food Awareness: Had my typical smoothie for breakfast and then we all went for tacos at Tacofino before surfing.  I was assured that detox friendly options would exist here, however after negotiating certain toppings to be removed from my taco, I think I got the wrong order anyway because my tacos ended up having quite a few non detox diet friendly items on there anyway.  I ate it regardless though because a whole morning of yoga, plus hours of surfing ahead, means a girl should probably chow down, even if it goes agains the cleanse.  Plus, the tacos were a little piece of heaven.  So delicious.

Nature Appreciation:  Am a big fan of the Pacific Ocean today.  Surfing was lots of fun.  The waves at times made me feel like I was getting my butt kicked but I enjoyed it.


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