Super Stoked


The place I’m staying at is awesome for many reasons and I’m grateful for all of them:

1)  It’s cheap

2) It’s a condo with two bedrooms and two bathrooms and a view overlooking Trountains (see yesterday’s post for explanation)

3)  It comes with a fire place, hot tub, and full kitchen!!

4)  My yoga classes are held within the same little resort community so it takes me 2 minutes to walk over, literally.



We went kayaking today and I had so much fun.  I can’t say I’ve ever really gone kayaking.  I mean one time in Mexico I sort of did something similar in a cave, but it wasn’t legitimate kayaking by any means.  We saw the most enormous starfish ever!  And I was taught what barnacles are and why you can’t go barefoot in the west coast waters like I did today.  ouch!  A seal also came by us while we were paddling!  He was super cute!  On the way back we saw four bald eagles battling it out over a fish.  You just don’t see these kinds of things in the big city!

Yoga:  Soaking in all the yoga goodness today.   Eoin keeps being amazed at how fast we catch on.  We seem to be going at a good pace and should be done learning the technical work and alignment of all the poses by tomorrow morning.  In fact, because of this we’re taking advantage of the good weather here on the island and heading over to Tofino to go SURFING!!!!  I’ve never been surfing before so tomorrow I’m getting a lesson!!  Very STOKED indeed!

Meditation:  Okay so for the first time all week I know we for sure did meditation today.  It was a long one.  A lot of people seemed to have similar meditation experiences after reflecting on them in group.  I however, did not have a very deep experience.  I did get into a great place though and was crazy relaxed.

Food Awareness:  10/10 on the Prana-meter.  It’s nice to feel guilt free about everything I’m putting into my body these days.  I can see the effect it’s having.  Eoin the other day asked if I ever even get angry!  It’s true though…I don’t know if it’s the island, the detox, the yoga, probably a mix of all three, but man, I’m on cloud nine every day.

Nature Appreciation:  I held an oyster shell today.  I considered taking it with me to Toronto, but then my friends made me realize there was still an actual oyster in it, and that my suitcase would smell quite a bit.  The shape was just so cool and amazing, I still wish I could have brought it!


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