1)  Finished class a lot earlier than usual today.  It’s not that I don’t want to be in class and learning and doing yoga, but I’m REALLY sore and tired!  I mean I get why… putting aside the fact that we’re basically doing yoga from 8:30am to 6:30-7pm-ish everyday, plus the fact that I’m constantly wowed by something on this island, I’ve been expending a lot of yang energy and today calls for some yin-building.  I woke up hoping for today to be a little more chill and the universe provided that, which I’m really grateful for.

2)  In my previous blog, I worked really hard to be able to do crow pose.  It took basically a month and I finally got it.  You know that saying … use it or lose it?  Yeah… I didn’t use it…so it was gone.  Crow pose has been just not happening for several months now so whenever we do it in class lately, I just quietly laugh at myself while I attempt to get into the pose.  But today, I did it for approximately a second and a half!!!!!!!!!!!  PROGRESS!!!

Note: this is NOT me in the picture!  But I so wish it was…

3)  The fellow Yogis in my class.  They’re all such awesome people.  We’re all so different but yet so much the same?  Everyone’s goals and main drives to be here are aligned and it makes for great energy in class.

Yoga:  We learned “Sun Salutation Sea” today.  This is mostly a play on words because in classical yoga there’s a Sun Salutation A, B, and C.   This is a sun salutation that Eoin made up.  He created this version because he’s a surfer and he found that doing a regular Sun Salutation on the beach would have him eating sand in chaturanga for example.  So he created a new version with different flows that still warms you up, but without having to be arm deep in sand.  People who don’t like push ups would love this version but it sure does build up a sweat!

Meditation:  I can’t say I really remember meditating today.  I don’t know what my problem is that I forget this part of my day almost everyday, but there you have it.

Food Awareness: Another 10/10 day, I had another smoothie for breakfast, totally dairy free and full of antioxidants.  Strawberries, blueberries, water, protein powder and a wee bit of flaxseed oil.  During my lunch break I was a cooking MACHINE.  I made more Warm and Spicy Sweet Potato Salad, and roasted a chicken so I could have dinner made when I came home after class today.  Because I don’t have the right pots and pans here, I sort of burned like 98% of the vegetables that were supposed to be included with this spectacular chicken, but a few survived!  The chicken was so juicy and delicious!

Nature Appreciation: Totally blown away by the Trountains here in Ucluelet.  Not sure what a trountain is?  It’s a tree-covered mountain.  My sister made up the term during her first visit to BC.  She too was totally blown away so she made up the word and even had it published on urban dictionary! 


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