1)  Got to hike the Pacific Rim Trail today (well at least part of it!)

2)  Went to Tofino and had a delicious dinner and stopped at Long Beach on the way.

3)  Had a wicked awesome yoga class today.

Yoga: The class led by Eoin was fantastic.  We were all sweating buckets.  The lecture portion was amazing too.  I learned a lot today.  The main focus has been on proper alignment which I LOVE to pieces.  He compared the work we do to that of what a chiropractor does which I found cool.  He said a chiropractor will go in and properly align the vertebrae by adjusting them one by one and essentially popping them back into place.  The work we do, however achieves the same proper alignment but by teaching you how to hold your body in space.  The focus is on preventing injury and how to adjust people properly when in a variety of poses.  These bits of knowledge transformed my yoga practice after having gone to some of his classes Toronto, but hearing him teach the logic behind everything here in Ucluelet is blowing my mind.  This is such great stuff.

Meditation: Eoin had us do some Ayurvedic style breathing exercises today where you for example, plug your right nostril and breathe deeply in through your left nostril and then deeply exhale through the same one, then plug the left nostril and breathe deeply inthrough the right and exhale…then you switch sides again and repeat these cycles for a while.  When we finished that exercise, he asked us to keep our eyes closed and be still for a while, but I couldn’t.  I felt like “bing!”, “pop!”, something burst and suddenly my vision was brighter, clearer, amazing.   It was the coolest feeling.  That’s the power of breathing eh!

Food Awareness:  Prana-meter rating would be a 10/10 again this morning.  Made a smoothie with fresh pineapple, frozen strawberries, flaxseed oil, and hemp protein.  Had the rest of my little naturopathic chicken nuggets from yesterday and used hummus to dip them.  For dinner my roomie, and two of our new yogi friends drove to Tofino!  On the way we stopped at Long Beach which was gorgeous and breath taking.  We stopped at this restaurant called SoBo and I had Pesto Halibut which was amazingly delicious.  Food just doesn’t get better than this.

Nature Appreciation:  I feel like a kid here.  Everyday there’s something new to discover in Ucluelet that I’ve never seen before in my life.  Like fiddleheads.  It’s this fern that grows in the rainforest and tastes kind of like asparagus.  Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.  It’s also a good source of fibre.  We saw lots of them when me and some of my new yogi friends hiked the Pacific Rim Trail in Ucluelet during our lunch break today.   Then in Tofino when we went out for dinner my halibut came with fiddleheads which were amazing…and tasty!


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