Day 2 of Yoga Training

Gratitude:  I didn’t pack enough sweaters for this trip and it gets awfully chilly sometimes when we’re doing yoga, so I was really grateful when a fellow yogi friend from class, offered us a ride to the main street today on our lunch break.  I bought a cute new hippie-like sweater.  Definitely CCNM-friendly attire.  Made of organic fibres, and pure love and hand-made designs by the locals.  Having a ride was greatly appreciated as my legs, and well pretty much the rest of my body is getting more and more sore.

Yoga:  Today we started off the morning by taking turns leading the group through sun salutations.  We did 46 sun salutations total.  They’re meant to warm the body up, and man did they ever do that.  I was pretty much dripping by sun salutation #38.  After that Eoin led us through an awesome class where we luckily got to stretch our backs and legs…much needed.  We spent the rest of the day breaking down what I thought were basic yoga moves and quickly learned that they’re all far more complicated than I ever could have imagined haha!

Meditation:  I know I meditated today, but I, as well as a few others, seem to have completely forgotten what we even experienced during that meditation time.  I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but I do know I must have been pretty relaxed!

Food Awareness:  Prana-meter is 10/10 again today!  I had some apple cinnamon brown rice for breakfast, left-over Warm and Spicy Sweet Potato Salad for lunch, brown rice crackers with hummus for snacks and lots of water, and then I made these chicken nuggets for dinner.  I made bread crumbs for the nuggets out of brown rice flour, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion flakes, and bits of brown rice crackers.  The recipe actually called for sesame brown rice crackers but those are virtually impossible to find in Ucluelet…believe me I’ve looked…so I had to make do with what I had.  They turned out great!

Nature Appreciation: Clean air.  The quality of the air was probably the first thing I noticed when I first landed in B.C.  I could immediately feel my lung cells smiling with every inhale of fresh clean air.  It’s kind of chilly in the mornings here, but I like to open up my window and take a big whiff of that O2.  What a way to start your morning!


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